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Behind Our Lens



West meets East. Jourieh, a photographer from Seattle, and Jessie, a photographer originally from China living in Connecticut, met in Boston. Two photographers who share a passion for travel, nature, food, fashion, people, and relationships. Out of their mutual interests, vision, and dreams, WE Studio was born!


WE Studio believes there is strength in number, experience, and personality. The delight we take in our work comes from the creation of something greater than what could be achieved on our own. WE Studio is inspired by collaboration with our clients and the relationships that are built along the way.


Our studio is based in Washington and travels on-location throughout North-America for Advertising, Interior Design, and Fashion assignments.


Jourieh Portrait.jpg


Architecture Photographer

specialize in Architecture & Product photography

Jessie Portrait.jpg


Editorial Photographer

specialize in Editorial & Product photography

Featured in: Boston Voyager, Houzz

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