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Updated: Jun 22, 2018

This is one of those productive and fruitful days that we absolutely love. There is nothing more exciting than waking up early and getting to do what we love - CREATE ART!

Some might argue that photographing products is not creating art, but we disagree. The moment you transform an idea or a concept into a tangible object, you are indeed an artist! You should be proud to have that ability to create.

It's not news that we as the WE Studio team always push our creative limits and challenge ourselves on every project. Yet, the excitement of transforming our ideas into photographs grows more and more each time. In the previous blog post, we mentioned that we were not satisfied with the last Jones soda product challenge. Well, guess what! We RESHOT!

Surprise!! This time, we are super duper happy with the final image; moreover, we also completed the last image of the Jones soda product series on the same day.

Below are some snapshots of the shoot, stay tuned to see our final images of this amazing challenge.

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Final Image

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